Welcome to GMIT

Below you will find all the information you need to help make the most of the IT resources available to you as a GMIT student.

We have kept the videos short (2-3 mins) while hopefully providing enough information to help you get started.

Logging In for the first time.

  • GMIT students require a username and password to access the Student Website ( and Moodle (
  • Your login details are sent to the mobile phone and email address you provide at registration.
  • At first login, you will be asked to setup password reset options (email address, mobile number, security questions). This information will be used to reset your password in the event that you forget it.
  • You will also be asked to setup Multi Factor Authentication so please watch both videos before logging in for the first time.

To find out how to login for the first time click HERE

To find out how to setup your Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) click HERE

Enrol on a Learnonline course.

GMITs Learning Management System (Moodle) is called Learnonline.

Learnonline is used by Lecturers to deliver course material and carry out assessments, Learnonline can be accessed from any location by visiting the Student Website.

To begin with enrol yourself on your courses (a good place to start is Moodle for Students). This will give you a good understanding of Learnonline and help you make the most of this important resource. 

To find out how to enrol on a learnonline course click HERE.